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Autumn Term 2017

Nursery Class

Welcome to Nursery. We are really pleased with how well all of the children have settled into their new class ready for their first school year.

To help you familiarise yourself with who we are, here is a list of the Nursery Team and their responsibilities.



Nursery Nurse


Miss Dias

Miss Pascal

Miss Butcher

To find out useful information about learning at home, please click on this link: Early years parents - Help at home

On the link below you can access EYFS guidance which is used by the teaching staff for planning and assessment: Development Matters  

Click here for 2017-18 Curriculum information for Nursery Class.

The main topics for this term are ‘All About Me’ and ‘Healthy Eating and Food'.

We will be learning about each other and each other’s families! Children will realise that every person is unique and special; every child's thoughts and ideas are important and no one is more or less important than another. We will learn about different cultures and eating habits and we will encourage children to taste and try new foods.

Personal Social and Emotional Development

During our Circle Time children will learn how to identify and name their emotions. Throughout each day, children experience a wide range of feelings and they will learn how to react to different emotions as well.

Communication and Language

We will develop listening skills through a variety of key texts, nursery rhymes and songs along with circle times. We will be practising our questioning skills too. A big focus this year will be on our talk for learning and developing our speaking skills.

Physical Development

The children will develop their physical skills through daily inside and outdoor play. This involves activities such as running, jumping, skipping or climbing to develop body management, balance, bodily co-ordination, strength, agility and confidence. Building blocks, pour water or dry sand from one container to another or playdough to promote hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, fine motor control, accuracy, two handed coordination and manipulative strength.


In maths we will be exploring numbers, shapes and patterns in the environment as well as working on basic counting and number skills through a wide variety of play experiences.


In Literacy we will be focussing on children becoming aware that the marks they make can carry meaning. We will also be sharing a range of familiar stories with them, which will form the starting point for further activities. We will explore a range of fiction and nonfiction texts throughout the term.

At the beginning of the year children will be learning phase 1 of Letters and Sounds wich concentrates on developing children's speaking and listening skills and lays the foundations for the phonic work. We will be introducing children to the Read, Write Inc. phonics scheme, which has proven to be very successful, later in the school year.


Reading aloud to children for their pleasure and interest should build enthusiasm and enjoyment. Thought the day children will have different opportunities to share a favourite story, nursery rhyme, poem or non-fiction book with their teachers and peers. This is an important step towards independent reading and introduces children to new vocabulary and experiences.

Each child will have a story book to take home to read with their parents. After you have read with your child, please remember to write a comment in their reading record book in order for them to be changed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Understanding the World

This term children will be looking at similarities and differences between them, their families and their friends. They will learn how they are unique and special and that families have different celebrations. We will also talk about food from around the world, focusing on the children’s home countries.

Expressive Art and Design

This term the children will be exploring and playing with a wide range of media and materials. We will be providing daily opportunities and encouragement for them to share their thoughts, ideas and feelings through a variety of activities in art, music, movement, dance, role-play and design and technology.


Spanish lessons take place every Monday. The children will enjoy learning new phrases, songs and key words in Spanish through interactive and fun lessons.

Weekly Newsletter

Each week you will receive a newsletter informing you about what Acorn Class have been learning. You can access this via the school website and you will receive it by email. It will have a suggested ‘you can help at home by…’ section in which you can use to support your child’s learning. It will also detail messages and reminders of any important news.


Homework is given out on Wednesdays and should be returned on the following Wednesday. Your child will receive a homework folder which, each week has a new piece of homework in it. The homework, which is set on a Wednesday, is always relevant to the learning they have been learning in class. It is very important that your child completes this homework and brings it back to school every Wednesday.

Book bags

Please bring your child’s book bag to school every day as we will be giving out letters and work throughout the week.


Please make sure your child attends school every day and arrives on time. For children to achieve their full potential it is vital they have high attendance. Please ensure you collect your child promptly at 3:15pm from Nursery as it can be very distressing for your child.


Please adhere to the High View Uniform code. Monogramed items (jumpers, cardigans and book bags) can be obtained online from or telephone 01923 255 525. Other standard uniform items can be sourced locally.

Class Trips

We will no longer be accepting cash or cheques for trips and payment will only be possible using our SIMS Agora online payment system. Your child has a unique payment number which you may have already used to set up online payments for school lunches and after school care. If you have not set up your account, please notify the school office and you will be provided with your child's unique number. If trips do not require payment, you will still need to go online to give permission for your child to attend.

School dinners

 If a child wishes to change from school dinners to packed lunch or vice versa, they may only do so at the beginning of each half term.  Payment should be made online using SIMS Agora. Details can be obtained from the school office.  If any child has been advised by their GP or Health Care Professional to either, follow a special diet; or to avoid certain foods, please contact Edwards and Ward Special Diet and Allergen help line on the details below:

Janice Martin

Edwards & Ward Ltd.                                                      

141 Milton Rd (behind Old Waterworks)

Weston Super Mare

North Somerset

BS22 8AA

Office Number: 01934 615616

Nursery Top Up Fees 2017-18

Sept 2017 - July 2018

Days in each half term

£80 per week

Autumn 1 / first half term

25 days / 5 weeks


Autumn 2 / second half term

35 days / 7 weeks


Spring 1 / first half term

25 days / 5 weeks


Spring 2 / second half term

30 days / 6 weeks


Summer 1 / first half term

30 days / 6 weeks


Summer 2 / second half term

35 days / 7 weeks



Total per academic year


Click on the issue number of the newsletter you would like to read:

Issue Number Week Commencing
Issue 1 11th September
Issue 2 18th September
Issue 3 25th September